Ozdemir Livestock

OZDEMİR LIVESTOCK; It has been operating in the Chicken Sales sector for more than 5 years. Twelve months of the year, the Yarkas ordered by its customers are delivered to their addresses when they are 16 weeks old, with all their vaccinations on time. Moreover, it does not charge a separate fee for shipment. Customers who receive their pullets can pay the fee they purchase in cash or by credit card using the "Payment at the Door" method.

In addition, OZDEMIR LIVESTOCK; builds turnkey projects with first quality workmanship, thanks to its trained and experienced staff, by using the highest quality materials in the construction phase, taking into account the geographical and climatic conditions of the place where it will be established, with different material options suitable for every size and every budget of its customers.

OZDEMIR LIVESTOCK; To this day, it continues to operate in accordance with the rules and regulations set by our state, without compromising the quality of products and services it offers to its valued customers and never giving up the principle of honesty. While walking these days, he never gave up his stability and struggle against difficulties. It has always carried out studies that prioritize customer satisfaction.

OZDEMIR LIVESTOCK; It respectfully presents its gratitude to its valued customers who have contributed to its achievement.