Ligorin is the best known and fed of white layer chickens all over the world. It is the most preferred breed in the poultry industry.

The original name of the most commercially fed ligorine in the world is leghorn. It is a race originating from Italy.

Ligorin has an annual yield of 320/340 eggs. This keel is 290/310 in poultry and organic egg production.

Ligorin small size and feed consumption is lower than all other layer breeds.

Ligorins have a daily feed consumption of 90/100 g.

Ligorins are at the 16th week of egg entry, but this release can be 18/20 weeks old in poultry.

Natural keel is an ideal active animal for egg laying.

However, in our country, ligorines are not in demand in the release poultry and organic egg sector. The reason is because they make white eggs.

As natural eggs cannot be white eggs and there is therefore no demand for their eggs, ligorine chickens are unfortunately not fed in the organic egg industry.

Ligorin is the least feed consuming and the most laying hen in the world.