Sussex Yarka; It is a keeled layer chicken preferred in our country for its high egg and meat yield. Purebred sussex pullets originating in England produce so-called L eggs. It is among the preferred breeds in keel poultry with an annual yield of 260 eggs.

Sussex Yarka is also famous for its egg production during the hot summer months. For this reason, it is recommended to producers who will make keep poultry in 4 seasons. If you say I want to order a 18-19 Week Sussex Yarka, you do not have to wait for any season. After you receive the Sussex pullets, they begin to give the guide egg after the adaptation process to the house.

Today, sussex breeder shows are organized in many countries of Europe and award winners are awarded. Sussex pullet is also among the reasons why it is preferred because of its closeness to humans and its docility.