Egg Chicken

Laying Chicken Selection

In the feeding system which is called conventional system in multi-storey narrow cages; "Chicken Egg Production" is losing its reputation in the world and in our country every day. The two main reasons for this are; the development of awareness in societies to consume healthy, natural and more delicious products and the preference of breeding methods that prioritize animal rights and welfare. All European countries have begun to switch to Chicken Egg Production in this breeding system called "Free Range" and the latest example of this is the decision taken by France in its own country council. Both food health and animal rights advocates play an active role in the development of this awareness. "CHICKEN EGG" is one of the most preferred food products by consumers, as the consumption area is very wide and has these positive features. As a society, we should try to ensure that there is more production in this method. We should encourage the sector investors to train with this method.

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