In 1935, it was started to hybridize with the German Meat Merino brought to the Bursa Karacabey stud farm.

It is a hybrid of German meat merino and Curly. Translation hybridization has been done here. After the 5th backcrossing, the type was fixed and the Karacabey Merino was obtained.

95% German Meat Merino 5% Curly hybrid. Body, head and feet are white in Karacabey merino.

Their rams are horned and females are hornless. Wool is fine and exemplary. The tail is thin and long. Sheep show anger for 9-10 months of the year.Suitable for taking 2 lambs a year.

Live Weight : 60-90

Lactation Milk Yield : 70-80 lt

Lactation Period : 140 gün

Number of lambs in the same litter : 1.5

Lamb birth weight : 4.5 - 5 kg

Dirty wool : 3.9-4.5 kg

Clean wool rate : %48-54