Although the Kangal sheep is not as well known as the Kangal dog, it is an Akkaraman breed known and preferred by their breeders and breeders.

Kangal Sheep is a local type of the Akkaraman breed. It is the largest type of "Akkaraman Sheep Breed" in terms of size, weight and height. Coat in Kangal Sheep is dirty white. Black spots can be seen on the nose, eyes and feet. Sheep are polled and rams have 5% horns. Its wool is better than the Akkaraman race and its structure is thinner and curved. The nose structure is different from the Akkaraman Sheep. The nose protrudes outward, reminiscent of a ram nose. The number of ribs is 14, unlike other breeds. Kangal Sheep is a fatty sheep and its tail weight is around 5-7 kg. The thin tail tip creates an "S" shaped fold on the main fatty part.

It grows especially in Sivas region.