Tahirova Sheep; The main line is curly, curly thrace marmara is one of our local sheep breeds, spreading in the western part of the northern central Anatolia. The high-level combined fertile region is a disease-resistant sheep breed with very good climate adaptation.

Tahirova is one of our local sheep breeds with 70% East Frisian and 30% Curly blood carries .

Characterized by high milk yield, long lactation period, suitable for both pasture breeding and intensive breeding and high fertility, it is a very suitable breed especially for medium-sized family businesses for both dairy and meat purposes.

Today, there are Tahirova sheep genes in the genes of some hybrid sheep breeds.

In which regions does the Tahirova sheep breed grow?

It is one of the sheep breeds that can be easily grown in many regions of our country due to their strong racial characteristics. If we come to the reasons for this, as it is known, Tahirova Sheep is a hybrid race.It is a breed obtained as a result of crossing East Friesian Sheep and Curly Sheep. It contains the strong endurance characteristics of these breeds in the Tahirova Sheep genes.

Appearance Features

The entire body is white.

Sheep are hornless.

5 - 10% of rams are horned.

Head, legs, neck, belly and tail are without fleece.

They have thin and long structures.

Yield Properties

Live Weight : Female: 50 – 60 kg

Live Weight : Male: 90 – 100 kg

Fleece yield : 2,5 – 3,5 kg

Fertility is very high

Lactation time 7 - 8 months

Milk yield : 100 - 150 kg

Gestation period : 5 months

Twin ratio : % 65 - 70

Sexual maturity : 7 - 8 months

Other Features

They are not resistant to parasites. (Tick)

It is essential to take a medicated bath.

Herd adaptation is very good.