Cattle Shelters


Our tents are fireproof, tear-proof canvas woven with nano technology. Made of 10 cm thick Izocam wool woven fabric that prevents perspiration.

It is guaranteed for 3 years against cracking due to cold and heat.

The fabrics used are special production. It is water and UV (ultraviolet rays) proof.

It is a 1100d truck tarpaulin with high resistance to all weather conditions.

The iron part is 42 x 1.5 cm DKP profile thick pipe.

All static calculations according to the dimensions are made by our technical team.

After iron parts are painted with electrostatic paint, they are heat treated in special ovens. In this way, rusting is minimized.

Isolation materials and all other materials used have TSE and ISO 9001 quality standards certificate.

It is a primer coating on first quality iso-alumer (99% pure aluminum foil on two-layer bubble polyethylene film).

Thanks to its antibacterial structure, it prevents bacteria harmful to the health of your chicken and other animals.

Its installation is easy thanks to the interlocking profile pipes.

Due to its low volume, it can be transported anywhere you want without any problems.

Transport and installation services are provided upon request.

Non-sweating ventilation system

Mahya chimneys

Doors can be made wide and in desired sizes.